Franchise a Business in Malaysia – Things to Take Note

This morning, I happened to find a short 19 minutes online course here teaching new franchise applicants all important franchise knowledge before starting a franchise business in Malaysia. The good thing about this course is that it has English and Chinese version!

This online course was prepared by a local expert – Brian, and the information given is based on his franchise sales/development career and real-world experience. It is suitable for those who are interested to apply for F&B or Retail franchise in Malaysia or Singapore.

In this short but comprehensive online course, the trainer focused on 2 important parts. Firstly, he shared what are the majority mistakes made by many new franchisees with the franchise applicants. Second, he taught franchise applicants “things to take note and questions to ask a franchisor” for their investment analysis. So they can try to avoid making the mistakes when franchising a business. The best thing is that he also shared his personal experience with students on what are the common market practices of franchising. Isn’t it we always desperate to find out what are the market practices of a business when we have become a boss? What I can say is that this online course has all the information needed by a franchisee-to-be!

The trainer had sufficient franchise development experience. He knew what franchise knowledge a franchise applicant should equip with in order to minimize franchise failure.

Here you go the Course Outline at a glance:

 Franchisee's commitment in terms of daily operations?
 Franchisee's exclusive territory?
 Franchisor's delivery support?
 Multi-unit franchise opportunities?
 Estimated total set up cost?
 Franchisor's additional marketing support?
 Minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement?
 Franchisee training?
 Franchise renewal?
 Franchise pre-termination?
 Estimated cost, profit and ROI (Return on Investment)?
 Renovation supervision?
 Shop location evaluation?

Have you also wondered how to choose a franchisor?

The full training video download price is RM8.90 only! And, you can equip yourself with practical local franchise knowledge and make your franchise journey safer. It’s definitely worth learning!