Why are your Innisfree products so cheap, are they fake?
Bulk purchase of Innisfree products from country of origin gives us wholesale prices. With our low profit margin we could offer you an unbeatable wholesale price.

How do you make sure that your products are 100% original?
We buy the stocks directly from the brand headquarters, authorized wholesalers or exclusive agents in Korea in order to eliminate fake goods. We do not buy Korean cosmetics outside of Korea.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Mainly US$800 per brand. However, some brands may require higher MOQ which is between US$1,000 and US$2,000.

How to get better supply rate?
Supply rate given is applicable to small order up to US$4,000 only. If you are planning to order in bulk, you may get an exclusive rate. Please talk to us for more information.

What is the lead time?
Our estimated lead time is 3 weeks for majority of the brands, subject to the arrival speed of stocks at our warehouse in Korea.

What is box quantity?
Box quantity refers to quantity of one product in a packaging box. As you know that wholesale is not done by one piece or two pieces, rather you are required to buy a whole box of each product.

Can i order lower than MOQ or box quantity?
Unfortunately not. Please note that we do not keep physical stocks, and everything is ordered from the brand head offices or their exclusive suppliers upon receiving your order and it all required MOQ and box quantity. If we cannot meet the requirement, we cannot buy the stocks and hence we cannot supply to you.

I received wrong item.
If you have received wrong products by mistake, please contact us in 3 working days. We will investigate as soon as possible. Do not open the wrong sending products and keep them safe. We might need you to deliver them back.