Innisfree Skinny Volumecara

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A mascara with a super slim bending brush to create a full, voluminous and yet natural lash look.

Innisfree Store | Innisfree Skinny Volumecara | Gembira
Innisfree Store | Innisfree Skinny Volumecara | Gembira


1. Super slim bending brush for a natural voluminous lash look 
Super slim bending brush thoroughly applies masacara to each and every lash to create a natural and yet fuller lash look 

2. Smooth formula for a beautiful lash look 
SUPER QUICK DRY Coating System glides on the lashes to instantly give sleek volume 

3. Natural light lash-friendly powder to add volume and minimize irritation to the eyes at the same time


1. Curl up the lashes with a gentle pressure from the root in a zigzag 
2. Hold the brush up and apply the mascara over the short lashes at the inner/outer corners 
3. Thoroughly apply the mascara to the bottom lashes to make the eyes look big and sharp 

Brands Innisfree
Product Forms Mascara
Category Makeup
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