L'EGERE Egg Aqua Bright CC Powder 9g

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It moisturizes and brightens skin, keeps your makeup through oil control, tightens pores and smoothens wrinkles.

Every powder molecules are covered with 50% of water, hence it provide much moisture to the skin and fix your makeup instantly.

Oil & Sebum Control
Contain Kaolin - a good oil absorbing, reduce shine and translucent function. It control oil and sebum secretion throughout the day so that your makeup are more long lasting. A flawless finishing.

Pore tightening
It tighten pore and make it less visible and smoothen fine lines. It provide you a perfect translucent finishing.

Highly Moisture
It contain Hyaluronic Acid and Lo Meta extract that will provide rich moisture, lock moisture within skin.

Whitening Ingredient It lighten pigmentation and spots. Contain Natural Green Tea Extract, which is a good anti oxidant, help skin to build up it natural defense system against free radical.


Basic preservation→Double White O2 Water Gel Cream (or L’EGERE CC cream) →Egg Aqua Bright CC Powder (apply a suitable amount onto the powder puff, first adjust the amount on the back of your hands and gently apply to the face), to create a perfect and long lasting makeup base.

LEGERE Egg Aqua Bright CC Powder - www.gembira.com.my

LEGERE Egg Aqua Bright CC Powder - www.gembira.com.my

Brands L'EGERE
Efficacy Even Skin Tone, Fresh & Cool, Hydrating, Long Lasting, Makeup Setting, Oil Control, Pore Minimizing, Whitening
Category Makeup
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