L'EGERE Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder 9g

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When apply, this powder instantly transforms into water molecules. It gives the skin moisturizing effect and keep your makeup in shape.

Pore treatment

The fine particles can effectively control skin oil. The water soothing feeling instantly tightens the skin and pores, giving you a perfect, crystal clear makeup.

High moisturizing
The vitamin B5 and lecithin ingredients maintain the skin’s elasticity and gloss, providing a highly effective moisturizing performance.

Whitening & Anti-aging
The well-known AA2G whitening ingredient can effectively restrain the accumulation of dark pigments, giving your skin a rosy-white outlook. The natural tea leaf extracts are effective against oxidation, and enhances skin protection against environmental damages.

Brilliant gloss
The ultra fine powders embellish small winkles, pores and imperfections; where the brightening particles allow your skin to bring out a shining gloss from every angle!

How to use

Basic preservation→Double White O2 Water Gel Cream (or L’EGERE CC cream) →Magic Water Cool Aqua powder (apply a suitable amount onto the powder puff, first adjust the amount on the back of your hands and gently apply to the face), to create a perfect, long lasting makeup base.


Legere Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder - www.gembira.com.my

Legere Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder - www.gembira.com.my

Brands L'EGERE
Efficacy Cover Up, Even Skin Tone, Hydrating, Makeup Setting, Oil Control, Pore Minimizing, Radiant Brightening, Skin Firming, Soothing, Whitening
Category Makeup
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