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Rohto Lycee Eye Drops 8ml

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[Expiry Date] Oct 2019. New Condition.

Super hot items in Japan! Beautify and sharpen eyes with active ingredient Naphazoline Hydrchloride to remove red eyes immediately. Refreshing feel with cool formulation.

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Rohto Lycee Eye Drops -

Effect: removes eye fatigue, reduces inflammation.

This medicine has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan. (certified medicine product of second class)
How to use it: apply 1-2 drops 3-6 times a day if your feel inflammation and eye fatigue.
The Japanese have developed a unique product which removes eye fatigue. If you work at the computer, if you read a lot, then these drops are especially for you. They relieve eyes fatigue, help get rid of redness, itching in the eyes and cutting pains.
This medicine is very popular in Japan. It is used by millions of people whose work is connected with a constant load on the eyes. This product is based on the Japanese nanotechnology and is a breakthrough for the Japanese ophthalmology. Lycee has milder effect than other counterparts, therefore it is recommended for use in children (especially school students).
Protect your eyesight! Help your eyes cope with the daily stress! Eyes are the most sensitive and delicate organ of a human body, therefore everyone should treat them very carefully. Order this real high quality medication!

Rohto Lycee Eye Drops -

Additional Information

Brands Rohto
Product Forms Eye Care
Best Sellers Best Sellers
Efficacy Fresh & Cool
Category Health Care

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