The RM11.90 Product That Cleared Up My Acne

You’ll never guess what it was.


Last night, i read an article wrote by Zoe Schaeffer about a really cheap and efficient method which everybody could try to get rid of acne problem on back (bacne). It is a common issue which facing by many Malaysian ladies, so i think it'd be great to share her experience on my blog!

Like a lot of folks, she first got acne as a teenager. She figured she’d outgrow the condition with the rest of her awkwardness, but even as she got older and quit wearing cargo shorts, the pimples stuck around. They dotted her T-zone, burst across my chin, and then appeared on her chest, arms and back.


How To Vanish Bacne?

Zoe Schaeffer visited a dermatologist and she told her to pick up a bottle of Head & Shoulders for its active ingredient, zinc pyrithione, which kills yeast and fungus. (Fungus is a major contributor to dandruff.) She was to rub it directly onto the patch of skin, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse it off.

The patch was quickly gone. So she decided to give it another go and use it on her body again. Within days, she had less swollen red lumps on her shoulders. Within two weeks, they were completely gone!

How the heck did it work? “Yeast on the skin can invade hair follicles, causing pus-filled pimples,” says Joshua Zeichner, M.D., a New York City dermatologist.


How Many Times To Use?

Zeichner’s advice was: Use the dandruff shampoo daily for one to two weeks, then twice weekly for maintenance. Let it sit on the skin (“sing the alphabet” while waiting) before rinsing, so it has enough time to penetrate the hair follicle.

If you've tried many ways to cure your body breakouts without success, why not give this a try?